I Choose Me, And I hope you choose you

I am more than just a boudoir photographer.  I promise to be your biggest cheerleader…  Imagine you wake up, and all of a sudden you know you have another choice to make.  Day in and day out, we are met with opportunity.  The universe gives us the opportunity to dive deeper into who we are and choose joy or retreat further into the shell of denial and oftentimes anxiety.

My journey as a photographer has taken me to some absolutely fabulous places, and the best of them is where I am sitting right here, today.

Today, I choose me.  I hope you choose you.  I choose joy.  I choose the life I want.  I choose freedom.  I choose to love my body.  I choose to delegate and make life a little easier.  I choose to follow the steps I have outlined for myself to attain my goals.

Boudoir and beauty photography may seem to some like a strange place to have this conversation but over the past 11 years I have realized how much the women who walk in front of my camera need reminded of exactly who they are.  You are beautiful, and perfectly you.  You don’t need to be anything but who you are.  Take care of you.  Love yourself and celebrate your damn self in any way that you see fit.

Despite what you may have told yourself in the past, you are worth it.

Feeling like celebrating?  Give me a ring and let’s chat😘



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