The Power of a Woman | Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography | Flash Boudoir

If you have ever had a chance to meet the ladies of Team Flash then you know very well we are strong.  The women I am surrounded by in this industry uplift other women, they set good examples and they are devoted to their passion and job here at Flash.   The one thing we all have encountered is the “glare”. Ever met a woman in a bar that gave you a look at that could peel paint off the walls?  Yeah, us too.  We are here to combat the glare, the misunderstanding of what it is we do.

With so many campaigns being launched between Dove, Lane Bryant and countless other powerhouses, Boudoir photography is sitting in the spotlight these days.  We couldn’t be happier here at Flash Boudoir!  The problem lies in assumptions…you know what happens when you assume right?

We are here to set this particular worry to rest.  We are redefining boudoir, we are redefining what it means to be a Girl Boss, we may have “boss” status but we are body activists, we are the hair stylist you vent to about your hubby, the makeup artist that you confide in about your awkward teen years, the photographer that becomes a friend and holds your secrets, we are here to be your friends, to give you an incredible experience.  We will hold your hand or gently shove you directly in the path of self confidence and radiance.  Women have so much power to uplift, as much as we do to bully and hurt.  Remember babes, a women doesn’t wait for someone to give her power, she simply takes it.  Take your power back and use it to uplift someone today.  That coworker that always seems perfectly coiffed, the one you secretly want to trip sometimes because she seems so perfect, yeah that one, there’s a story there.  Go a layer deeper and remember that maybe she’s under extreme pressure at home and feels like the only place she has control is in her appearance, maybe she spends all of her time caring for a sick family member and forgoes sleep because she feels the pressures of a woman to look glamorous everyday, maybe she is overcoming an eating disorder, or maybe she is just like you and wonders how you look so damn good everyday.  Give that woman a compliment today, a real genuine statement of affirmation complete with a smile and be the welcoming committee for the sisterhood of uplifting women.

Read our mission statement, and comment below and tell us what Boudoir means to you and how you accepted the challenge today!  

A private moment to celebrate your beauty, a spark that ignites passion between a couple. It’s an experience that takes us out of everyday life and transports us to a place where you can’t help but feel confident and smile. It’s knowing that you are all that AND a bag of chips.  Boudoir is being a girl, a woman, a mom and a sex kitten all at the same time.  Being a Flash Babe is even more, it’s being YOU! 

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