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Love Letters for our Clients:

“My name is Lynsey Arch and I own Physique Rx’d, a Pilates training studio in the Northside!
I knew I wanted to use Krystyn as my photographer for my head shots and studio shots! SHE IS absolutely the BEST! So talented and she made me feel so beautiful! Krystyn and her team go above and beyond. The make up,the studio, and the atmosphere they have created is top notch! And So FUN!

I was thrilled with the shots and would highly recommend KBS! You won’t be disappointed! You’ll love them!!

We have all seen a million profile photos that just didn’t seem to fit the character of the person they were matched up with, right?  It happens in Pittsburgh, New York, Sydney, Milan, you name it…ok maybe not Milan, they are pretty serious about how they represent style, but you get the point here.

This gorgeous city of ours is full of creatives, professionals, small business owners, chefs, real estate moguls, blogger-extraordinaires, musicians, networking gurus and the list goes on and on.  I love seeing the growth that this town is experiencing and I couldn’t be more proud to be a small business owner in in Pittsburgh!  The one thing that seems to still need a bit of revitalizing is our professional portraiture.  Team Flash wants to see all these badass business owners with a head shot that actually represents them.  We want to offer a shoot that shows your personality, incorporates the soul of what you are trying to show your clientele into the image and leaves you feeling amazing and confident to go build your dreams!

Over the years I have had people reach out to me looking for something different…nutritionists, pilates coaches, lawyers, real estate agents and professionals that wanted to spark their brand with a photo shoot.  We can work with you on a comprehensive 2 or 3 day shoot, helping you to completely rebrand your business, or we can bring some life to that LinkedIn profile with a new headshot.  So in order to kick off our Build It: Business & Branding Campaign, we are offering a weekend of headshots at half price for one weekend only.  Come shoot with us, get inspired and launch yourself into a very successful Spring!